Celebrity TanAre you looking for a tanning product that is guaranteed to get you shades darker in just one tanning session? Want a formula specifically designed with men in mind? Hoping for something that smells great, too? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then White 2 Black tanning lotions are for you. Here, I will tell you more about White 2 Black tanning lotions. I will also tell you why they are designed with you in mind.

First let me tell you what white 2 black lotion is.

White 2 Black is a blend of essential oils and bronzers. When applied and worn during tanning sessions, this lotion can turn you up to 3 shades darker with just one application. Unlike other tanning lotions, however, White 2 Black features a fragrance that both men and women love. By far, the White 2 Black brand is one of the most popular from Devoted Creations. Lots of customers rave about just how well this lotion works when compared to others. If you are looking for a tanning lotion that works, this is the one for you.

My opinion on why it is the best

What makes White 2 Black stand out above the rest? when my wife used this product I noticed her skin was much more hydrated and smooth. The website says they use a unique blend which gives this result. Even better, a few of the oils and vitamins that this product contains helps to naturally fight the signs of aging. With powerful DHA, this tanning lotion is sure to make you darker than other products. Although the overall price, at around $20.00 per bottle, may seem a bit expensive, it is truly a bargain because of the results. Forget trying other lotions that leave you smelling less than feminine. Instead, White 2 Black is the right choice.

What others are Saying

Still not sure if White 2 Black is for you? Lots of satisfied customers on Amazon are raving about this product. Some of them even feel that it has made them 5-6 shades darker since they began using it. Others are in love with the masculine scent. Many call it the best or their favorite tanning lotion. While some have come across this product at their local tanning salons, others have heard about it by using samples, or just giving it a go themselves. I know that with just one session, you will love this product as much as my wife has. To read more customers reviews, I will share the amazon review section… or you can just take my word for it.