The user just isn’t authorized to point phone, target or electronic information on their profile.

It really is forbidden for the known Member to change coordinates (Skype, etc.) in the slightest whatsoever also to anybody. It’s also highly encouraged against one user to be filmed by another Member outside of the means given by the internet site, in addition to to deliver cash, in the slightest whatsoever and under any pretext whatsoever, to a different Member.

10.2 Conform usage

As soon as registered, and at the mercy of having subscribed, where appropriate, to 1 (1) or higher Subscriptions advised to him, the Member will benefit from access to your solutions, according towards the Subscription’s conditions.

The user is in charge of the application of the solutions and actions that are his/her the internet site. She or he shall make use of the web site fairly plus in conformity using the current terms and conditions. The user’s behavior throughout the use of the ongoing solutions should conform to the principles of good conduct.

The Member abstains from expressing any remarks that contravenes the legal rights of others or which are defamatory, abusive or, generally speaking, any remarks or content this is certainly as opposed to the goal of the Services, the regulations in effect.

The Member abstains from spreading, in every type whatsoever, information or content integrating links to 3rd party web sites which can be unlawful, unlike morality and / or perhaps not prior to the purpose of the Services.

The user agrees to inform any manifest of illicit content, relative to the process under article ‘notification of illicit content’ associated with current agreement.

The member may also report to 2L Multimedia and organizations the profile of an associate perhaps not respecting the current conditions and terms through the ‘abuse’ link present on every registered member’s profile.

The user shall perhaps perhaps not act within an unlawful or fraud-inducing method towards 2L Multimedia and companies, other users and/or 3rd parties.

Overall, the user shall report of any faulty solutions he or she notices to 2L Multimedia and businesses by way of the “help” menu available, online, on the site.

The violation by a part of every among these responsibilities takes its severe breach. Any behavior maybe perhaps not respecting the principles of great conduct above or those within the ethical charter for the solution older latin brides could be penalized beneath the conditions for the article ‘termination’ of this current agreement.

10.3 Security

It really is forbidden for the known user to access/remain fraudulently in all/part of this internet site. It really is forbidden to utilize another access technique next to the one made ??available by 2L Multimedia and businesses. Upon development of these technique, or if the user gets in a placeholder, without right, accidentally, the member agrees to immediately notify 2L Multimedia towards the after target in order for appropriate actions may be taken.

The user is certainly not authorized to eliminate or alter information on the site, to fraudulently enter information or carry down a modification on the procedure regarding the internet site. She or he shall be sure never to introduce virus, spyware or other harmful technology on the web site or the services provided there.

Any voluntary usage of an unauthorized room will be considered fraudulent access, as given by the unlawful code.

The user shall think about that most the info she or he gains knowledge of during such use of an unauthorized room is private and as a consequence shall maybe perhaps maybe not disclose it to other people.

The user shall especially maybe maybe not carry any operation out to saturate a typical page, rebound operations or any procedure that could bring about unsettling or distorting the procedure associated with platform.

The user takes all measures to make sure his/her own security, in specific, for the management of his/her usernames and access codes she or he keeps private.

11. Tech support team

2L Multimedia and organizations offer a person solution to its users that may provide all information that is necessary the utilization and solutions associated with the internet site.

Makes the best efforts to provide a ongoing solution available to most of the people plus in the very best conditions.

The 2L Multimedia and companies cannot guarantee absolute technical compatibility of this extra functions and solutions it proposes utilizing the solution as his or her proper function is susceptible to the equipment’s pc pc software and equipment compatibility utilized by the users. 2L Multimedia and businesses inform the users of the minimum needed designs to completely gain benefit from the solution and services that are additional.

The usage a mobile application for the usage of the solutions calls for that the user formerly owns an appropriate unit by having a mobile connection that is internet. Ahead of the application down load, the user should make reference to the conditions of good use of this application from the down load platform to know about the necessary setup.

Should user experience problems to access and/or utilize one of several solutions supplied on the site, she or he can contact client solutions at any time via the internet kind via the ‘help’ menu for the internet site.

12. Intellectual home

12.1 provider elements

The current solution terms and conditions don’t consist of, during the advantageous asset of the member, any transfer of intellectual home liberties from the elements belonging to 2L Multimedia.

This content of this web site, the denomination regarding the Services, brands, drawings, models, pictures, texts, pictures, logos, layouts, pc computer software and programmes, search-engines, databases, noises, videos, names of domain, design or every other information or news presented by 2L Multimedia on the site, without this list being exhaustive, would be the exclusive property of 2L Multimedia and generally are protected by applicable French and worldwide regulations associated with intellectual property in force.

Any reproduction and/or representation, in full or perhaps in component, of just one of the elements, with no explicit authorization of 2L Multimedia, is forbidden and would contain fake, penalized by the articles l. 335-2 and after associated with rule of intellectual home.

Consequently, the user shall try to avoid any work or action which may influence directly or indirectly the intellectual home liberties of 2L Multimedia.

The user may avoid using, print or re-format the content regarding the web site for purposes aside from personal or familial.

She or he shall maybe maybe not download, content, transfer, offer, distribute or utilize the content associated with platform while the sites.

The user understands that the information therefore the databases available in the platform will be the property of .

12.2 components of the parties that are third

The property that is intellectual connected to the components of the internet site owned by 3rd events, whoever usage was entrusted to 2L Multimedia, such as for instance brands, drawings, models, pictures, texts, pictures, logos, without this list being exhaustive, will be the exclusive home of these writer and therefore are therefore protected by copyright, trademark legal rights or other right acquiesced by applicable French and worldwide rules associated with intellectual home in effect.

The user shall maybe maybe not undermine, straight or indirectly, the home liberties of 3rd events, whoever content occurs on the internet site and shall perhaps perhaps not use, by any means, the names, brands, logos, pc pc software, information, databases and all sorts of the documents communicated to him/her, as a whole, when it comes to the effective use of the current solution terms and conditions.

The user shall respect the key liberties of 3rd events whose content exists regarding the platform and shall perhaps not produce any analogies within the head associated with public for just about any purpose.

Therefore, the user shall just take all necessary measures for the protection of stated legal rights for several 3rd events and, in particular, keep all the home mentions on most of the data, information and much more usually the consultable elements on the site or made available by 3rd events.

12.3 Elements put online by the user

The user grants to and 2L Multimedia a permit of good use associated with property that is intellectual connected to the elements she or he puts online, which are his/her exclusive home and which are protected because of the applicable French and worldwide rules concerning the intellectual home in effect.

The opportunity is had by the member to further disseminate their profile containing their photography on other partner internet internet web sites by going to the “My Account” tab.

This permit of good use conceded by the Member to and 2L Multimedia covers just the right of and 2L Multimedia to copy, represent, adapt, translate, digitalize, use for execution associated with the Services or sub-license elements in connection with user regarding the solutions, or on any communication that is electronic into the context for the services (in specific email, sms, mms, online).

The user authorizes and v to change elements to comply with the graphic chart or to ensure they are appropriate for its technical performance or any format provided within the context of this solutions.

The permit of good use is awarded by the member to and 2L Multimedia for everybody, and also for the period of online access of these elements because of the member.

The user shall just just take all necessary measures to guard said alternative party legal rights and guarantees its calm used to and 2L Multimedia.

13. Obligation and guarantee

Within the context of solutions supplying, is at the mercy of an responsibility of resources.

Comply with the legislation that is valid 2L Multimedia cannot accept civil obligation for tasks or information saved during the demand of users, unless if 2L Multimedia ended up being duly notified of illicit content underneath the conditions of article ‘notification of illicit content’ and would not react immediately to eliminate it.